The concept

Expeedu is the world’s first platform to connect students seeking work experience with businesses and entrepreneurs in need of intelligent and enthusiastic resources.

Expeedu concept is rested on pillars vital for business success; experience, entrepreneurship and education. This trilogy powers both entrepreneurs and students to gain value, insight and lasting connections.

Expeedu was founded by a team who understand the challenges faced by fast-growing businesses who have limited resources, as well as the needs of those who are hungry for real workplace experience in an industry that interests them.

For students, especially MBA students, Expeedu provides a unique way of obtaining a multidimensional experience which is interlinked with the education process. It’s able to enhance employability and open new routes into industries.

Expeedu gives:
  • Businesses with limited resources fast access to business-minded individuals, allowing projects to be initiated, and delivered within limited budget.
  • Students access to diverse, inspiring projects, enabling them to undertake work experience that is blended in their education and relevant to the modern business environment, resulting in greater future opportunities or carrier progression
  • Business schools the chance to make educational programmes relevant and applicable to dynamic business environment. Leading to improved student competitiveness and satisfaction, improving rankings by providing real work experience through education.
  • Universities access to meaningful information including project statistics analysed by industry, subject and other dimensions, as well as student performance