Retail & Consumer, Marketing

International market research for travel-inspired brand.

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Project timing: 1-3 months
I am Caroline, the owner of Dreamers Who Travel, a travel-inspired brand who are dedicated to doing good and giving back. I create products for those also who are always dreaming of their next adventure. Please find more info at ABOUT | DREAMERS WHO TRAVEL – Dreamers who Travel I want to explore the opportunities to expand my business into the American market and understand how I best enter the US market.

Areas to be included as part of research:
1.    Competitor overview:
a.    Find competitors offering similar services in USA
b.    Provide following information on each competitor:
i.    Company’s revenue and market share
ii.    Company’s size and leader
iii.    Broad overview of company’s strengths and weaknesses
c.    How the service works in practical terms
d.    Social media presence and followers, likes etc
e.    Advertising they do – USA targeted

2.    Market research:
a.    Secondary research:
i.    Examine size of the USA market and estimate value of opportunity for Dreamers Who Travel
ii.    Gather an understanding/feel for what USA customers think about the business being based in the UK – does it matter? Or should Dreamers Who Travel market themselves as a global company and not play on the UK element?

3.    Service comparison matrix:
a.    Complete a comparison between all the competitors and Dreamers Who Travel, focusing on the following areas:
i.    Brand/style/image
ii.    Products they provide
iii.    Cost of product
iv.    Service quality and features

4.    Building a customer base – how do Dreamers Who Travel attract and grow their customer base in the USA

5.    Suggestions and recommendations for Dreamers Who Travel based on your research

Final product

A comprehensive report to detail the findings from this project. The report must be clear, manageable, and user-friendly.

Requirements for performers

Interested in the following: · Business strategy · Research · Marketing · Travel