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Design and marketing project for coaching business

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Project timing: 1-3 months
Magic Coaching offer a range of coaching and coach training services, to enable organisations, teams and individuals to benefit from the transformative affects of a coaching culture.
Rosie, the Founder of Magic Coaching and author of The MAGIC Happens in the Silence is seeking some support to build a stronger brand identity for the business.

Final product

As part of this project, you will need to:
•    Complete an audit of the current website and materials the business already has available
•    Work closely with the business founder and team to do create a design brief that:
•    Identifies a clear target audience
•    Highlights current perception and message the website and materials convey – what is the audience’s current mindset and perception about the business?
•    Identify what the desired outcome is for this project - what would the business like their target audiences perception to be as a result of this work?
•    Lists a clear set of materials to be designed (bookmark, template slides, workbook template, coaching cards, and marketing material/information to be used)
•    Design and produce the materials
•    Produce some designed social media post templates for the business to use

Requirements for performers

Interested in some or all of the following: • Marketing • Design, graphic design • Business development

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