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Strategic operations project to help efficient running of a music charity

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Project timing: 1-3 months
This Music Foundation is a charity that recognises gifted people and helps find them security and stability in the classical music world. They are a very small charity and need help to improve their governance, ethics, internal process and organisation (particularly around funding and reporting accounts). This is a really important project that will be a massive help to them.

Final product

As part of this project you will need to:
• Use the information and resources here as a starting point: Running a charity | NCVO
• Assess and complete an audit of the Charity’s current policies, documents, processes and procedures
• Produce a policy that covers Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
• Identify any other important/crucial gaps that the charity is missing and list them, along with any recommendations for filling those gaps
• Collate the charity’s current financial information, files, accounts and organise them into a better system (you can choose what that looks like)
• Set-up the new financial information and processes in a cloud-based system (so it is all easily accessible and clearly organised)

Requirements for performers

Interested in the following: • Operations • Strategy • Charity and social purpose activity • Music • Arts and culture

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