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Analysis of commercial property market - Germany only (5-7 Largest cities)

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Project timing: 1-3 months
1.    Concentrating on Germany only
2.    Analyse commercial property market – size, number of deals, key players, areas, trends.
3.    What are the trends for the last 3-5 years?
4.    What are the fastest growing cities/hubs?
5.    What areas of commercial estate investment lead to highest ROE/ROI?
6.    Pros and cons regarding retail/offices/manufacturing/mix use/etc, and
7.    What is the most perspective commercial real estate sector as a result of your research?

Final product

Use of open-source data and any available publications/articles to analyse and extract the data from. References must be stated.

All the sources used must be properly referenced in the written report that has to be delivered for review and approval.

The report should have conclusions and answers to the set questions.

Requirements for performers

No set requirements.