For business

Expeedu is available for use by any business, small or large, which needs help on a specific project or in solving a challenge. It can be used at any stage of a business cycle, but may be particularly useful for startups who may not have sufficient resources to support a long term internship for a student.

Businesses are able to submit upcoming projects that require more resource free of charge* on this platform. By including information about the projects’s duration, content, and skills required, it attracts suitable candidates to choose from.

Businesses then select the most competitive application from students, opening the doors to new horizons and growth.

It’s an easy four-stage process:
  • Describe and submit your project
  • Review and select student application
  • Receive complete project
  • Provide feedback

It enables entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses or non-profit organisations especially who are cash or time poor to complete projects without the costs of employment, consultancy or recruitment agencies.

An ongoing cycle of feedback offers real-time insight throughout, with businesses able to provide project relevant feedback encouraging further project opportunities. Expeedu guarantees confidentiality by making sure that non-disclosure agreements are signed by all parties.

*subject to terms and conditions